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Monir Hossain
Author: Monir Hossain

নিজেকে এমন ভাবে বদলে নিতে শিখুন.!🥀 যাতে মানুষ আপনার পুরাতন রুপ দেখার জন্যে আফসোস করে.!🙂💔

Purchasing tickets through a mobile application is another convenient way to travel with Bangladesh Railway.
Register yourself with your cell phone number.
This app is for online ticket purchasing in Bangladesh Railway 2022!

~ Note For All users ~
If you face any issues regarding buying tickets Shohoz will solve the issue if you face any issues
still go and check out the local tickets counter they will solve your issue!

~ Note For Old users ~
Online rail tickets service responsibility has been transferred from CNS bd to Shohoz LTD because of that login
details and information will not accept for now because of that you have to re-register your Rail Sheba Account now!

• Important Note For All Users of this App •
This is an unofficial app for BD railway ticketing system, and this is a Webview app created by (RBMJ Limited) we will
make this app and connect the Railway Bangladesh website!

• Purchase of launch this app or why you chose this app •

We make this app because of you that you can buy your tickets without facing any problems, this app is totally safe we are not asking or taking any (Information) and spacial (Access) from you that your user experience can be bad! Other apps are taking lots of permissions from you because of many data! We’re not doing it because we’re not gonna be harmful to anyone ever you can comfortably use Our APP. We build our app because the website ticketing system is the best for all if you can only use the website with our best refresh and speedy interface app that can be the best experience for you!
We design our app with the best Web view browser it’s will take little internet data for loading!

• Tickets download problem •
If you face a tickets download problem from your phone that your phone does not support PDF files please don’t worry about it, you’ll get your Tickets through your registered email so please wait for it!
Stay with RBMJ Limited ~

Bangladesh Railway E-Ticketing Service
The online Ticket Purchase facility is given here. This app will give Rail Sheba(Railway Service) Bangladesh Railway app will help you to fare query of every train in Bangladesh. The train Tracking system is given in this app, here you’ll get all types of facilities and support about Railway E-tickets!

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