Android Text Encryption using Various Algorithms Source Code

Monir Hossain
Author: Monir Hossain

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In this demo, the text entered in the edit text is encrypted using the app instance and the encrypted text is shown. On clicking decrypt button the encrypted text is decrypted and real text is shown. Users communicate over all social media, but messages aren’t secured when it passes through network. Intruder can access user’s message easily. We want to secure users communication over all social media. So here we proposed a system where user will enter the plain text and choose the algorithm type from AES,DES,MD5,….. and supply the key, a chipper text are going to be formed which will be sent via any communication application and user can decrypt the text by selecting an equivalent algorithm type and must enter an equivalent sender secret key. User can use our application and may enter the plain text and must select the algorithm type and must enter the key key to encrypt the message and receiver can decrypt the message by specifying an equivalent algorithm used for encryption and must use an equivalent secret key employed by sender. Intruder will find difficult to decrypt the message. By using this method you’ll double make sure that your secret message is shipped securely without outside interference of hackers or crackers. If sender sends this image publicly others won’t know what’s it, and it’ll be received by receiver. You will need the key and algorithm type to decrypt the hidden text.